Middle Road

Moreton Island's Middle Road

Middle Road is a firm sand based road that connects the Western (Moreton Bay) and Eastern beaches via two one-way tracks. Middle Road is surrounded by the dense bush lands of Moreton Island and is known for the deep sand trenches that part of the road is dug through.

Middle Road is the final track that you will travel through on the Southern Safari Tour. As the sandy road passes through some of the most dense bush lands of Moreton Island, you will get a real first hand look at what the island looked like many years ago for the indigenous people.

One of the highlights of driving through Middle Road by 4WD is passing "Grass Plant City", a densely populated area of the island filled with Xanthorrhoea plants. Xanthorrhoea are a plant unique to Australia, thriving in locations with the right conditions. These plants take their known form after bushfires, as the blackened trunk is revealed beneath the burnt lower leaves.

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