30 Day Whale Watching Wrap

Wed, 06 Jul 2016

By Eco Ranger Corey

30 Day Whale Watching Wrap

The 2016 Whale Watching Season is in Full Swing!

The 2016 whale watch season has started out with a bang, with a huge amount of Humpback Whale sightings! A month into the whale watch season and guests on board the Tangalooma Jet have been lucky enough to see a total of 172 whales, including 138 adults, 27 juveniles and 7 newborn calves. From what we have already seen, the Humpback whale migration is in full swing with up to 21,000 of these gentle giants expected to migrate along the eastern coastline of Australia. Over the first month of the 2016 whale watch season, guests have seen much more of Moreton Bay’s incredible marine life, including 61 Bottlenose dolphins and 10 Green sea turtles!

Guests on board the Tangalooma Jet have been lucky enough to see a total of 172 whales...

Guests so far have absolutely loved the sight of so many Humpback whales making their northward migration, especially their impressive behavioural displays including many breaches and pectoral fin slaps! These guests have definitely felt privileged to have the opportunity to watch these incredible marine mammals in their natural state, with a heap of great photo opportunities along the way! 

The outlook on the upcoming months of the 2016 whale watch season is very exciting, as we have already witnessed plenty of action! Over the next few months, we will get to see more mature male and female whales on their migration, which means more breaches and fin slaps! The countdown is also on to see beautiful Migaloo on his migration up north. After spotting the renowned rare albino Humpback back in 2012, as well as his offspring Migaloo Jnr last year, we’re all waiting in anticipation for that next elusive sighting.

You can find out more by reading our Whale Watching Blog or by keeping up to date with our sightings on our Whale Watching page.

See you out of the water!

Eco Ranger Tessa and Corey

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Eco Ranger Corey

Corey is one of the many Eco Rangers at Tangalooma Island Resort's Marine Education and Conservation Centre. Corey often joins in on the Whale Watching Cruise as the on board Eco Ranger commentator.

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