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Mon, 01 Feb 2016

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma Profiles - Matt (Dolphin Care)

So Matt... We know you’re from a little town called Templepatrick in Ireland and that you moved back to Tangalooma in April 2015 and were more recently joined by your two siblings Jess and Josh; we know that you were recently promoted to Section Manager at the resort- congrats again! and we know now that you clearly speak fluent dolphin, but can you tell us a little more about Matt behind the scenes?... we also hear you’re a dad to be...

Absolutely, I’m due to be a dad in April and we are so excited. I was over the moon when I found out, you really couldn’t ask for a better place to bring up a new baby than here on Tangalooma. Being promoted, I’ve been busy with work but have absolutely loved every minute of it, and with Josh and Jess joining me out here as well, it is fantastic. We were very close growing up so having them here at Tangalooma with me, is awesome!

Just when you thought your days in the spotlight were behind you, how do you feel about the recent news of the dolphin rescue gaining state-wide attention and even reaching press in Ireland?

To be honest, I don’t think any of us were expecting the media response to be so widespread, especially being picked up throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland. The fact that it received the media that it did, I think it has drawn more attention to the importance of responsible fishing. Some pretty cool newspaper clippings for mum and dad too!

We know you played the role of head ‘catcher’ which came with a lot of responsible during Sil’s rescue – How do you feel it all went?

I don’t think we could have hoped for a better rescue. We were all pretty nervous beforehand, as we knew how important it was to get it right, first time around but we had trained well and knew exactly what to do. Everyone had to be ready to jump into action within a split second. Each person had a crucial role and without everyone playing their part, the rescue wouldn’t have been as smooth as it was. After making the first move, I had Corey behind me then Chris, and Josh  was straight onto the tail, with David on standby on my left, in case Sil slipped through. Sue was straight in with the stretcher and when we had Sil safely on the stretcher, we knew the catch had been a success.

Super-hero duties aside, what would a typical day in the life of Matt at Tangalooma look like?

Well, Section Manager has me looking after Quads, Porters and Yards, spending most of my time in Yards at the moment which keeps me nice and busy. Every day is different, depending on the number of guests arriving or departing the island, number of tours booked etc. I’m really lucky because my job will present different tasks every day. It keeps me really motivated and challenged.

What motivates you in your role each day? What are you most excited or passionate about?

To be honest, it’s a combination of factors, I’m motivated by the different tasks I encounter each day. I’m motivated by where I work, who I work for and the people I work with. A perfect example of encountering different tasks each day, is that I was privileged enough to be involved in a dolphin rescue with a fantastic team. It’s not every day that you get to rescue a wild dolphin. Having been involved in Quad Tours, Porters and Yards, it amazes me how much is involved in running even one department, and that’s where my interest lies- in learning a department ‘from the ground up’, to see what is required to make each department successful.

Apart from Sil’s rescue, what is one of your most memorable experiences during your time at Tangalooma?

I have had so many, it’s hard to choose. One that comes to mind isn’t work related but, I guess, coming from Ireland, at Christmas, I’m used to snow and sub zero temperatures!  My first Christmas at Tangalooma was a real eye-opener! Reindeers on Quad bikes on the beach, 40 something degree heat and giant prawns for dinner! Such a contrast!

You’ve really had quite the sea-change going from Ireland to AN island…What are some of your favourite parts of living an island life?

It has to be the constant sunshine and living right on the beach! It’s so beautiful here, you never get over the view or the clear waters. The heat was hard to get used to at first and the lack of snow but the lifestyle of living on an island is just incredible!! I think with living on an island like this, when you’re on your days off, it feels like a holiday and not just a normal day off.

What are you excited for in the future at Tangalooma?

I’m excited to see the resort grow even more, I know we have a busy year ahead of us and I can’t wait. I’m excited to see my little girl grow up here at Tangalooma as well!

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