11 Summer essentials for Tangalooma

Fri, 15 Dec 2017

By Tangalooma Island Resort

11 essentials to pack on your Tangalooma Summer Day Cruise

There is no doubt that Queensland's summers are the BEST and it’s no surprise it’s a popular time to head across to Moreton Island for the day but there are some warm weather essentials you’ll want to take with you to help make your day cruise to Tangalooma perfect!

1. Swimmers

Whether you call them bikinis, togs, bathers, boardies or budgie smugglers, you can’t have a day out at the beach without your swimmers. The calm pristine waters at Tangalooma's beach make it the perfect spot to swim, snorkel and stand up paddleboard. If you don't want to get wet then simply sit by the shore and take in the best sunsets on Australia's east coast.

2. Sunscreen

In Australia the sun can get pretty intense in the summer so if you're planning on being outdoors for any length of time it’s best to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you go outside and re-apply again every two hours. As ‘Sid the Seagull‘ taught us... be sunsmart and slip, slop, slap!

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3. Reusable water bottle

Water is essential on a hot summer day, but rather than purchasing plastic water bottles to keep hydrated why not bring a reusable water bottle. Tangalooma Island Resort has an almost unlimited supply of clear fresh water thanks to an underground water table below Moreton Island and is known to be the most pure drinking water in South East Queensland! It’s also an easy way to help the environment (and the Tangalooma EcoMarines) by reducing rubbish and saving you money!

4. Hat

If you’re from Australia you’ll know how harsh the sun’s UV rays can be and how important it is to wear a hat, especially in the middle of the day. Big floppy hats are great for the beach and protecting your face and shoulders from the sun. If you’re planning to be on the go, the trusty baseball cap will stay put while you're enjoying activities on the resort grounds.

5. Towel

Another essential for a day cruise to Tangalooma is a good quality beach towel. Whether you’re a fan of the new ‘roundie’ towel or standard size, beach towels can be used in so many ways. Use them to dry off, lay out as a picnic blanket, or even a sunshade for your little one. Best of all, you can put them on the seat when you drive home to keep your car from getting all wet and sandy.

6. Water resistant phone pouch and/or GoPro

Nothing will ruin your day faster than a ruined phone. Keep your iPhone safe from sand and surf with a water resistant pouch. An even better idea is to get a waterproof iPhone case to take some amazing photos of the underwater world around the Tangalooma wrecks.

For the adventure seekers out there, don’t forget to bring your Gopro headstrap to capture the best sand tobogganing experience and share the video’s with us on social media.

7. Books, magazines or an e-Reader

Not into watersports? If relaxing on the shore line and getting a tan is more your style, remember to pack that book you’ve been trying to find time to read. If you don’t have an e-Reader why not use your phone or tablet. You can even ‘surf’ using the resort's free wifi while you're enjoying the view and posting a few cheeky beach selfies.

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8. Waterproof speakers

Every beach trip deserves a soundtrack so bring the tunes with some waterproof speakers. Share your fantastic music collection with your friends and family and get the beach party started.

9. Beach bag

Between sunscreen, your favourite book, towel and speakers you’ll need a versatile beach bag to carry all your essentials. The best option is one that’s large enough to hold the basics but something that is also practical. When you arrive at the resort, head to the lockers near reception for a safe place to stash your belongings and then hit the beach!

10. Footwear

A day cruise to Tangalooma can include everything from leisurely beach walks, to longer hikes to the Tangalooma Desert and scenic lookouts. Consider the most versatile footwear for the activities you have planned for the day. Generally a pair of flip flops and a comfortable pair of sneakers or walking shoes should see you through.

11. Long-sleeve rashie

The only way to truly protect skin from harmful UV rays is to cover up with a long-sleeved rashie. We love the new range of the ‘Ugly Xmas Rashie’ in limited-edition Cockatoo design with proceeds going to the Cancer Council. Splash away in the water for hours on end, without getting burnt. Happy days!

But what happens when you forget one of these summer must-have items? No problem as the Tangalooma Lucky 7 Resort Shop is stocked up with all the essentials to cover you during your day trip to Tangalooma.

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