Bianca Dye visits Tangalooma

Tue, 22 May 2018

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Radio host Bianca Dye visits Tangalooma

Radio host Bianca Dye has been a media presenter for more than two decades and hosts Brisbane’s breakfast show ‘Bianca, Terry & Bob’ on 97.3FM.

Now a Brisbane local, Bianca had some much needed downtime last month to relax at Tangalooma Island Resort with her partner Jay. Read on to find out more about her Tangaooma experience...

What do you love about working at 97.3?

The thing that I love the most about 97.3 is it’s a station that caters to everybody. I get little kids coming up saying how much they love the show, because we’re the station that will interview the Disney Princess and you can win tickets to Aladdin, that kind of thing, or we get a grandma that says she loves the show.

We’ll have really naughty and cheeky topics; we’ll have family values topics. We’re not afraid to ask the hard questions. We’ll have the prime minister on but then we’ll have kids on telling funny stories. Plus we play the best music in Brisbane, I’m not just being biased, it’s my favourite station, I love our music.

Who has been the most interesting celebrity you have interviewed and why?

At risk of doing the biggest humble brag ever, I’ve been lucky enough to interview many amazing people in my 23 years of radio. Madonna was fascinating to get into her mind and see how she works. Justin Timberlake was incredible. Pink was probably my favourite interview because she was so much fun. John Mayer and Heath Ledger were both very difficult, hard work, moody and didn’t want to be there.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was fun, because we asked him does he ‘Netflixed and chill’ (and of course we all know what that really means..) which he replied to yes! That story went viral for us and made international headlines. So that was fun!

Are you a Brissy local? If not where did you grow up?

I’ve spent many of my formative years in Brisbane. I grew up between Melbourne and the Gold Coast. I used to come up to Brisbane all the time as a kid with Dad for work. And we’d spend many weekends in Brissy, so I feel like a local.

Also when I was a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and doing acting in my early 20’s, I would come up to Brisbane for weeks end and do jobs up here. I feel like it’s my other home town as well as the Gold Coast.

It’s an incredible city, it’s grown up a lot. I love Brisbane because it has the best of everything. And it doesn’t have the fast crazy pace of Sydney. I much prefer Brisbane, it’s a little bit slower and a bit friendlier and it’s just a beautiful town.

How did you find out about Tangalooma Island Resort?

I’ve know about Tangalooma Island Resort for so long, it has an incredible reputation for being such a gorgeous holiday destination, not just for locals in Brisbane and the Gold Coast but people come from all round Australia. The crystal clean beaches, the beautiful friendly staff, the atmosphere and the ‘Tanga Time’.

The fact that when you hit Tangalooma, you’re on ‘Tanga Time’ and you can really leave your crazy frenetic busy world behind you and just get involved in all the lovely activities. Love that you can do everything or nothing.

The guys from the radio station gave me a gift of a weekend away at Tangalooma for my birthday last year and it was one of the best trips away I’ve ever had and [I] can’t wait to get back.

Feeding the dolphins was a life-changing experience for me. I’m a huge snorkeler and snorkelling the wrecks was actually life changing for me, it’s one of the best snorkelling destinations in the world.

What makes Moreton Island appealing to you as a holiday destination?

What I loved about it is it’s for everybody. We had a romantic weekend away and we loved it, but all we kept thinking was bringing back Maddy, my partners 3 ½ year old, because we knew she would love it as well.

There’s not that many destinations where you can have a romantic trip away, do lots of activities or do nothing, and also bring the kids back and know they will have so much to do while you can do nothing at the same time. It’s an incredible place.

Those crystal clear waters will keep me coming back every time.

What was your most memorable experience during your stay Tangalooma Island Resort?

My most memorable experience would have to be feeding Tinkerbell the dolphin, she was beautiful. Holding the fish underwater and feeling her grab the fish.

Seeing them playing and frolicking in the wild, in their natural habitat and loving it...honestly it was a life changing experience for me, I loved it. I can’t wait to come back and do it again.

If you had to pick a song that sums up your day at Tangalooma, what would it be?

The song that reminds me of my trip to Tangalooma is “If I could turn back time” – by Cher because if I could turn back time I would want to go back to Tangalooma.

What’s the one item you never leave home without when travelling?

Never leave home without your GoPro, phone charger, good book, sunscreen, sunnies and great company.

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