3 Month Baby Dolphin Update

Wed, 06 Mar 2019

By Eco Ranger Sue

Baby Dolphin Update

Comet is almost 3 months old already and is growing into a very lively, and especially cheeky little male calf. He has almost doubled his size in this time and is now just over 100 cm in length. Comet is very playful and interactive with all of the other younger dolphins especially his older brother Betts (4 year old male), who likes to chase little Comet around the feed area. Once Betts catches up with little Comet, Comet will leap straight out of the water and flip over the top of Bett’s back. The chase will then start up again until Comet becomes tired and will then swim back over to his mum Silhouette to have a drink of milk and rest before the game begins again.

Name Species Age Sex Size
Comet Bottlenose Dolphin 3 Months Male 100cm

This social behaviour is very important to observe as it indicates to dolphin care staff that Comet is forming strong bonds with his brother Betts and the other dolphins. It also shows that he is learning new skills such as breaching, swimming at great speeds in short bursts, and communicating. As Comet continues to develop these skills and behaviours, they will ensure Comets development and survival in the wild.

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Eco Ranger Sue

For most of us, feeding a wild dolphin is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but for Sue Hassard, the Dolphin Care Manager at Tangalooma Island Resort, preparing dinner and feeding bottlenose dolphins is part of her every working day.

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