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Tue, 17 Dec 2019

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Submersible Wheelchair donated to Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma Island Resort would like to thank Mr David Richards for his generous donation of a fully submersible state of the art wheelchair which was recently delivered to the delighted Eco-Ranger team on the island.

The all-terrain wheelchair will allow guests with disabilities to safely experience Tangalooma’s world-renowned dolphin feeding program. David’s kind donation came after he stayed at Tangalooma as a guest with his daughter and experienced the nightly dolphin feed in Tangalooma’s existing beach wheelchair. David said that the experience was one of his most memorable moments, and he wanted other guests with disabilities to be able to immerse themselves in the unforgettable opportunity to hand-feed wild dolphins.

Tangalooma’s existing wheelchair moved easily across the beach but could not be fully submerged into the water, making access to actually feeding the dolphins extremely difficult for those with disabilities. The addition of the new submersible all-terrain wheelchair means that all our guests and their families will now be able to experience hand feeding the wild dolphins who visit our shores each evening. It will also provide an opportunity for returning guests, who have not been able to enter the water previously, to have the opportunity to do so in the future.

Robert Seletto, David’s long-time friend, brought the wheelchair to the Resort where Tangalooma’s Hotel Manager, Henk, thanked Robert and David for their life-changing donation. This amazing donation is now available for use by any guest requiring assistance during the dolphin feed. Please enquire with the Eco Centre during your stay regarding availability and the full conditions of use if you require this wheelchair.

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