Leaning Palm Tree at Tangalooma

Tue, 16 Jan 2024

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma's Leaning Palm Tree: Fast Emerging as the Iconic Photo Spot in Queensland

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia, Tangalooma stands as a haven of natural beauty. Among these, the Leaning Palm Tree aka #TangaLeaningPalm has quickly become an icon, solidifying its status as the go-to photo spot for visitors. 

In this age of social media craze, the #TangaLeaningPalm has become a top pick for Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts. Located down at the northern end of the resort, near the beachfront villas, the palm tree's picturesque lean against the backdrop of clear blue skies, pristine sands, and shimmering waters serves as a magical setting for capturing stunning photos. The play of light during sunrise and sunset adds an extra magical touch. 

Fast becoming Queensland's Ultimate Snap-Worthy Spot

As visitors share their experiences and photos on various social media platforms, the Leaning Palm Tree has gained global recognition as an iconic symbol of Tangalooma. Travel blogs, influencers, and tourism campaigns often showcase this palm tree (you might even see it on some of Brisbane's best billboards!), putting the island's unique charm in the spotlight and positioning it as a must-visit destination. Plan your visit to Tangalooma, strike a pose with the Leaning Palm Tree, and don’t forget to hashtag #TangaLeaningPalm

Check out some of our guests’ recent photos on the Tangalooma Leaning Palm on Instagram: 

Perched along the shores of Tangalooma, the Leaning Palm Tree flaunts its distinct silhouette, gracefully leaning against the horizon, creating an irresistible visual charm. Its slender trunk, shaped by the prevailing winds, tells a ripper story of resilience and adaptation, providing photographers and nature enthusiasts with a unique subject.

The Leaning Palm Tree at Tangalooma has evolved into a symbol of the island's allure and a beloved subject for photographers worldwide. As this leaning palm tree gains recognition as a pinnacle photo spot, it continues to draw visitors to Tangalooma, urging them to capture their own distinctive moments and contribute to the ever-expanding narrative of this natural wonder. Plan your visit to Tangalooma, strike a pose with the Leaning Palm Tree, and join the global community captivated by its true-blue charm. Cheers to Aussie beauty!

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