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Mon, 25 Jul 2022

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Brisbane City's closest Whale Watching Cruise

Whale Watching is back underway in Brisbane, and it’s been an absolute bumper of a season so far with almost 200 humpback whales sighted in just the first month of our 2022 season!

The migrating humpbacks have been very active so far, and our on-board eco-rangers have observed a range of different behaviours such as breaching, pectoral waves, tail slaps and spy hoping, just to name a few. The pictures below are from a very active new born humpback whale calf who simply would not stop breaching!

Guests on board the Tangalooma Whale Watching cruises have been lucky enough to observe a mother and juvenile whale playing and interacting with a pod of about 15 dolphins just north of Cape Moreton, which is around 65 km offshore from Brisbane. It’s not just humpback whales either, a pod of pilot whales has already been sighted this year – evidence that you never know what you might spot in Moreton Bay!

It’s not just whales we have seen this season too, with sharks, turtles and an array of different migratory bird species, including the Australasian Gannet (Morus serrator), which migrate up with the whales each winter.

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