Filming & Photoshoots at Tangalooma

Filming / Photoshoots at Tangalooma

Set on the stunning sands of Moreton Island, Tangalooma regularly hosts a wide variety of film crews, both large and small. Previous  programs, commercials and movies filmed at Tangalooma Island Resort include The Today Show, Sunrise, Studio 10, The NRL Rookie, The Great Day Out, Getaway, Qantas Airlines, Totally Wild, Aerogard, and even international feature films such as Ticket To Paradise and Scooby-Doo!

Please note: Due to guest privacy, ALL filming & any commercial photography must be pre-approved by the marketing team – please refer to the information for film crews at the link below, which outlines relevant information such as commercial filming regulations, permits and drone policies before submitting an application to film. No unauthorised filming will be permitted within the Resort boundaries.

Commercial, Corporate & Media Filming at Tangalooma Island Resort

View Tangalooma Island Resort’s filming Policy and submit an application to film.

Moreton Island Commercial Filming Requirements

Ensure you are compliant with all QLD Government and QLD Parks & Wildlife Services regulations.

Drone Policy

Find out what is required to use your drone at the resort.

Media Kit - Tangalooma

Tangalooma Island Resort Information Pack for PR, Marketing and Journalists.

Media Kit - Day Trips

Tangalooma Island Resort Information Pack for PR, Marketing and Journalists.

In addition, express written approval must be obtained from Tangalooma Island Resort marketing department prior to drone use on the resort grounds, tours, transportation services or activities. Commercial operators can contact for further information.

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