Commercial, Corporate & Media Filming

Commercial, Corporate & Media Filming Policy

Having hosted a number of wide range of film crews at Tangalooma, we are experts in making your dream a reality! However as a privately-owned property, we have strict filming policies in place to protect the privacy and experience of our guests, Please read the below Tangalooma Island Resort Filming Policy if you are considering any filming or photoshoots at Tangalooma, then scroll down to submit an application.

Submit an application to film at Tangalooma

Please submit the below filming application with as much advance notice as possible to ensure the resort has time and capability to fully assess the request. In your request please indicate as much information as possible about the shoot purpose, goals, preferred locations and shots, crew size, logistics, intended use of footage, and anything else that will help us assess the application. Please be as detailed as possible with this information as the permit permissions will be associated with the activities & actions we specifically agree and this may not be able to change on the day of the shoot. Any permits issued will need to be carried and presented for inspection as requested by resort staff at any time. Note that depending on the complexity of the shoot, a staff host/coordinator may be required to accompany any filming & oversee activity on the day, coordinate itineraries and logistics of the shoot. This may incur costs and conditions that will need to be agreed by both parties in writing in order to proceed.

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