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Wed, 26 Aug 2015

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma Profiles - Henk Loosschilder (Guest Services)

What's your position at Tangalooma?

It depends on the day. I wear many hats at Tangalooma... Assistant Hotel Manager, Guest Services Manager, Tours Desk Manager, Activity Manager.

Sounds like you play a big role in coordinating what happens on the island. How long have you been with Tangalooma?

You do have to have a knack for logistics! I have been with the company for nearly 12 years.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Well I haven't always lived in sunny Queensland. I migrated to Melbourne from Holland with my parents when I was younger, and lived most of my life there, having a family and running my own business before moving up here and settling into island life.

Can you share with us a fun fact (e.g. talent) about yourself that most people wouldn't know?

It's probably not hugely surprising but hospitality played a role in my life long before my time at Tangalooma... I owned a restaurant for 7 years! What most people wouldn't know is that I also tried my luck at fashion, but with another business, this time in designing, making and selling woman's clothing.

I migrated to Melbourne from Holland with my parents when I was younger

Describe your role at Tangalooma in 3 words?

Challenging, varied...definitely varied, and exciting!

What motivates you in your role each day? What are you most excited or passionate about?

I love that each and every day presents a new challenge, something to overcome... you never know what's going to happen on a day to day basis and this keeps me on my toes and keeps me motivated.

The range of different cultures and nationalities we come in contact with also keeps my role diverse and interesting. I have a wonderful opportunity to literally learn something new almost everyday, and I'm able to return the favour by welcoming guests to a fantastic destination with such a wide variety of activities to dive into, and try something new too.

What is it about guest services that you love?

I love a good smile. Making guests happy is my number 1 goal each day, and treating people how I would like to be treated is my number 1 motto. The fact that I have an opportunity to get to know and build relationships with such a diverse mix of people is a bonus. It's all about creating lasting memories!

When we think about packing up and moving to an island, we think sparkling water, sunlit sand, palm trees and paradise... What is it really like?

It's all of that! It's a job in the most beautiful surroundings. It's like living in a small village where everyone's like one big family. You work together, eat together, spend your days off together. I used to have to pinch myself as a reminder that this is my home... every day I get to wake up in paradise. It truly doesn't get old.

What is one of your most memorable experiences during your time at Tangalooma both within your role and outside of it?

Simply working and living in such an amazing place. I've lived in 'once in a lifetime' moment for the past 12 years which altogether are one magnificent experience that I will treasure for years to come.

I love a good smile. Making guests happy is my number 1 goal each day

Tell us about some of the celebrity visits you've been part of at Tangalooma?

A few years ago we welcomed Robert Downey Jnr to the island. That was a pretty major highlight. We've also been lucky enough to show a lot of big sports and TV stars around our little piece of paradise, including Roger Federer, Kim Clysters, Wally Lewis, Lincoln Lewis. Some enjoyed their time at Tangalooma so much, that they're now regular guests at the resort!

What is one of the best compliments you have received during your time at Tangalooma?

Probably my favourite and more typical compliment I get is "You are always happy and smiling. You are a great host." I guess this means I am doing my job right!

How has Tangalooma evolved or changed since you first started here all those years ago? Major milestones?

In the 12 years I have been here there have been so many grand changes! The introduction of Fire & Stone Chinese Restaurant, Beach Café and the Coffee Shop were a big highlight for everyone, both staff and guests. The building of the beachfront Marquee, and renovation of Reception, Tours Desk and the whole patio and entertainment area. There are so many great new spots for guests to sit back, relax and soak up the island atmosphere!

What are you excited for in the future at Tangalooma?

Besides the bar being renovated...I am excited about the expansion that is taking place at Tangalooma. It's really starting to look like an International resort!

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