Corey Mansillas (Whale Eco Ranger) Interview

Tue, 31 May 2016

By Eco Ranger Corey

Tangalooma Profiles - Corey Mansillas (Eco Ranger)

What do you love about being the Tangalooma Eco Ranger commentating on the Whale Watch Cruise?

I think my favourite thing about being the Eco Ranger commentator on board  Tangalooma’s Whale Watch Cruises is getting to see the excited reactions from our guests when we spot a whale… and then when everyone’s jaw drops as a 45 tonne whale breaches (leaps out of the water) – that’s even better! For so many of our guests it’s their first time ever seeing a whale up close so to be there and enjoy it with them is so rewarding.

...And of course I love that I get to go out on the Whale Watch Cruise almost everyday and watch these beautiful marine animals in the wild! Every day is different from the last - some days we get to see mother Humpback whales nurturing and teaching their curious calves, while other days we can see a pod of males leaping out of the water displaying courtship behaviour. Its such a unique experience and I am very lucky that I get to do it for a living!

our previous Whale Watching seasons we were also hugely lucky to spot Migaloo

Being lucky enough to go on the cruise every day, what sorts of other things do you get to see?

We get to see so many different things while out on the cruise! Humpback Whales are such complex and intelligent animals, displaying so many different behaviours during their migration. Sometimes we will see a whole pod of females with their little calves tucked in close to them for protection, and other times the calves will be learning how to feed or maybe even practising deep dives. We also get to see male whales trying to herd and attract females through leaps, tail slaps and head lunges! There’s just so many amazing things that the whales do, which is why we have an Eco Ranger on board to provide expert commentary!

Because the Tangalooma Whale Watch Cruise is within Moreton Bay which has an abundance of marine life, it’s almost impossible not to see other creatures whilst we are on our journey. Not only do we see Bottlenose Dolphins who are always very curious, sometimes swimming along right next to the boat, but we are almost always sure to see a turtle, with 10,000 Green Sea Turtles living in Moreton Bay, some even living up to 150 years, and sometimes even a dugong! There are just so many great Kodak moments!

During one of our previous Whale Watching seasons we were also hugely lucky to spot Migaloo! Migaloo is a very rare albino whale that migrates along the east coast of Australia. I am hoping that this season we will get to spot him again!

What's the most breathtaking thing you have seen a humpback whale do?

It would have to be the first time that I got to see a Humpback Whale breach! A breach is when the whale does a deep dive and then thrusts its way back towards the surface lunging its whole body out of the water! It’s absolutely amazing to see it, especially considering that they can weigh up to 45 tonnes and grow up to 15 metres long! Whenever I am on the cruise and get to see a whale breach, it still takes my breathe away… so you could say that every day that I get to go out is a breathtaking experience.

Why is Tangalooma the best spot to go whale watching?

Tangalooma is the best spot to go whale watching as we provide the most comfortable and rewarding experience for our guests. We are very lucky that we operate our cruise from Australia’s largest dedicated whale watching vessel so every guest gets a great view of the whales while also being comfortable during the cruise. We are also the closest whale watch operator to Brisbane, which makes the experience nice and convenient for all guests, and with the resort being located on Moreton Island, guests also have the fantastic option to kick back and relax and stay overnight and even experience our famous wild dolphin feeding at sunset!

Most importantly, the Tangalooma Whale Watch cruise is ecotourism certified

It’s very unique doing a Whale Watch cruise with Tangalooma because we have such a rich history from the whaling station days, which gives us a really authentic story to tell. It’s just one of the many  interesting facts I get to share with our guests during the whale watch cruise commentary.

Most importantly, the Tangalooma Whale Watch cruise is ecotourism certified, and we proactively educate our guests on the importance of protecting our local marine environment. We are so privileged to work so closely alongside such beautiful creatures but they do need our help to protect them and their environment, and being ecotourism certified is just a small part of Tangalooma’s efforts to lead the industry in terms of conservation and awareness.

About the author

Eco Ranger Corey

Corey is one of the many Eco Rangers at Tangalooma Island Resort's Marine Education and Conservation Centre. Corey often joins in on the Whale Watching Cruise as the on board Eco Ranger commentator.

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