Interview with photographer Emily-Ann

Wed, 21 Dec 2016

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Interview with photographer Emily-Ann Marskell

Young and upcoming Sunshine Coast photographer Emily-Ann Marskell recently spent some time with us at Tangalooma Island Resort. We caught up with Emily-Ann to get a run down of her Sea Scooter Tour experience and what she loves most about Moreton Island.

What was the highlight of the Sea Scooter Tour?

The highlight for me on the tour was being able to explore the wrecks underwater with ease. We got to see such an abundance of marine life including a lion fish, two Wobbegong sharks, a stingray and a heap of fish. The whole tour was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it.

How did you get into photography?

My interest in photography was sparked as a teenager from travelling to beautiful places around Australia and overseas. I wanted to be able to capture these memories and the places I visited through my eyes.

What did you love most about shooting at Tangalooma/Moreton Island?

Everything! Everywhere you look is picturesque. Shooting the glass bottom boat on sunset was spectacular and the quiet beach on sunrise was the perfect start to a day.

What was the most memorable moment while staying at Tangalooma Island Resort?

The most memorable moment for me was being out in the water with the dolphin trainers when they spotted the newborn dolphin for the first time at the end of the dolphin feeding. It was such a special moment to be apart of.

To see more from Emily and her local adventures visit her Instagram page @adventurewithemily

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