Wrapper Free Wednesday

Sun, 30 Oct 2016

By Tangalooma EcoMarines

EcoMarine Wrapper Free Wednesdays

Roll-up…roll-up, but please don’t bring the plastic..

Wilston State School have just launched a new initiative to inspire a change of habits within their school community!

Introducing Wrapper Free Wednesdays, a dedicated day of the school week where EcoMarine ambassadors across the school encourage their fellow eco- conscious comrades to eliminate plastic from their packed lunches. The initiative prompts classmates and their families to re-consider how their lunches are packed in an effort to raise awareness on the amount of plastic consumption in our everyday lives, and the impact it has on our local marine and wildlife.

Over 7 million tonnes of rubbish ends up in the world’s oceans each year, 80% of which is plastic! Thankfully, students of Wilston State School are taking matters into their own hands, and have provided some simple tips for all of you folk too!

Wilston State School student's tips to recycle:

  • Pack snacks in reusable containers
  • Drink water from a reusable bottles
  • Make sure you have a reusable spoon or fork with your lunch
  • Package it all up nicely in a reusable lunchbox!

Wilston State School have been affiliated with the Tangalooma EcoMarines program since it’s launch three years ago. Currently, over 500 Students are in involved the program and influencing change across their neighbourhood.

Over 7 million tonnes of rubbish ends up in the world's oceans each year, 80% of which is plastic!

Tangalooma EcoMarines is a Brisbane based not-for-profit Foundation. As a registered charity, the Foundation works to improve the water quality of waterways and adjacent environs throughout southeast Queensland to enhance the marine environment of Moreton Bay.

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