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Mon, 25 Sep 2017

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Christine Knight – Adventure Baby

Christine Knight is the brains behind the blog Adventure Baby. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia, after 3.5 years living in New York, NY. She’s a mother, a writer, a marketing strategist and a photographer! Christine recently travelled to Tangalooma with her daughter and husband for a little family vaycay, and we caught up with her to find out how she became a travel blogger and why she thinks Tangalooma Island Resort is a great destination to spend quality time family.

What do you love about travel writing and why did you start your blog Adventure Baby?

I started the blog when I was living in New York and my daughter was born. I couldn't find resources for kid-friendly restaurants so I created my own. The blog grew to be a more general family travel resource as we travelled more. I love to both document the places we've been as well as inspire other parents to travel more. We love travel not just because it enables us to see and learn about the world, but also because it allows us to connect with each other, away from the daily pressures of work and school.

You’ve lived in NY and Australia, which one is your favourite and why?

I love them both for different reasons. Australia has an amazing climate and has so much to do outside all year-round. New York is full of culture, art and history, so we loved visiting some of the best museums in the world and seeing new shows on Broadway, or the best ballet dancers in the world at the Lincoln Centre. I could happily live in either.

How many countries have you travelled to?

I'm not sure but I think about 40! How has having a child changed the way you travel?

Do you have any tips for travelling with kids?

We travel more slowly now to allow time for her to just be a kid and to adapt to different locations. That's also my biggest tip for travelling with kids, to factor in travelling at a slower pace and plan to do a lot less. Then there's no pressure to see and do everything and less meltdowns from kids who have been pushed past their limits.

What kind of experiences spark your daughters curiosity?

She loves nature and wildlife and is happiest when she's climbing rocks, looking for creatures in rock pools or investigating barnacles at the beach. We talk a lot about the environment and how we can help animals and plants to thrive.

How did you find out about Tangalooma Island Resort?

Word of mouth. Friends of mine had visited and told me it was a great place for a family vaycay.

What makes Tangalooma Island Resort a great destination to spend quality time with your family?

It's easy to switch off here from outside life and focus on connecting with each other. The island offers exactly the sort of activities that we enjoy - beautiful beaches to explore, pools to swim in and wildlife to meet. You don't need much more than that for a perfect family holiday.

What was your most memorable experience during your stay at Tangalooma Island Resort?

We loved meeting Tinkerbell the grandma "boss lady" dolphin during the wild dolphin feeding. Seeing her majestic shape coming towards us in the water for the fish we were holding was thrilling.

What’s the one item you never leave home without when going on holidays?

My many cameras! I can do without internet and my phone (except for the books it has on it in my Kindle app!) but I absolutely can't live without at least one of my cameras. Looking back at the photos of our travels gives me a lot of joy.

You can read more about Christine's time spent at Tangalooma here:

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