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Wed, 30 Aug 2017

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Our Day Cruise to Tangalooma Island Resort

We caught up with Keeley O'Connor from Haven Magazine to find out why Moreton Island is one her favourite beach holiday destinations. 

Owner of Haven Magazine, Keeley O'Connor and her young family recently spent some time cruising across beautiful Moreton Bay experiencing some of Tangalooma Island Resorts most memorable and unique activities. Find out why Moreton Island is one her favourite beach holiday destinations and top tip on travelling with kids. 

Who is Keeley O’Connor 

Keeley has always been a keen entrepreneur and creative and takes great pride in watching her business grow and flourish in parallel with her young family. Keeley started in online publishing with ‘Savvy Mama’ in early 2009 and now publishes a monthly family/lifestyle print magazine called haven. With 25,000 copies of haven distributed monthly between Brisbane and Byron Bay, as well as a vibrant and engaged digital community of followers via her online and social channels, Keeley’s team is keeping affluent parents up to date on all things family, news, food, fashion, education, travel and more. Her combined passion for raising happy, healthy children and celebrating her local community are what fuel her creativity and are the foundations of her business success.

What do you love about working at Haven Magazine?

I am the lucky owner and publisher of haven magazine and the thing that I love most is sharing stories with other families. Whether our readers take away a book title they want to read, take in an event we promoted or learn a life skill – I love that we can share the parenting journey and hopefully inspire positivity and fun while raising our children.

How did you get into writing?

My background is marketing, however I have been a passionate writer since my teens and just love talking to people about their stories (and telling tales myself!) 

What is your greatest personal accomplishment?

That would have to be creating and raising my three awesome children, aged 12, 9 and 5 years.

Are you a Brisbane local?

No, I live just south in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast.

What makes Moreton Island appealing to you for a family day trip?

Our whole family are beach and ocean lovers so our whole tribe was excited to take in an adventure on a boat. We have a very keen future marine scientist (our 12 yr old) so any animal adventure, we’re up for.

How did you find out about Tangalooma Island Resort?

About 15 years ago my husband and I went on a day trip snorkelling (pre-kids) to the wrecks at Tangalooma, however didn’t make it to shore. I have always wanted to see what this little island had to offer and it’s been great to come back and check out the shoreline, restaurants, water sports and ranges of accommodation.

What makes Tangalooma Island Resort a great destination to spend quality time with your family?

It’s a hidden piece of paradise found so close to our busy capital city, Brisbane. You can escape the hustle in such a short time and really soak up the island life, disconnect with busy life and reconnect with family fun. The wildlife is treasured and the beauty of the sea is spectacular! 

What was your most memorable experience during your day cruise to Tangalooma Island Resort?

That would have to be feeding the dolphins! What a magic moment to feed a wild dolphin and the kids were so brave and excited. We also saw a baby wobbegong shark during the feed, which added to the thrill.

If you had to pick a song that sum’s up your day at Tangalooma, what would it be?

My 12 year old says “Happy” by Pharrel Williams, however I would have to say Three Little Birds by Bob Marley “Baby don’t worry, about thing, because every little thing, is going to be alright!”

What is your travel style? Do you have any tips for travelling with kids?

We are an adventurous family and love camping, island life and dream of sailing around the world in a catamaran. We certainly do love a bit of luxury and it doesn’t take much for us to pack our bags and embrace a getaway. You have to go with the flow and be very patient traveling with kids. Always have a ‘just in case’ bag of spare clothes, snacks, wet wipes and books or games. 

What’s the one item you never leave home without when going on a day-trip with your kids? 

I never leave home without my phone, water, sunscreen, hats and snacks. Oh and a jumper (that’s the touch of Canadian in me!) 

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