Students Inspire the Community

Tue, 18 Jul 2017

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Students inspire the community to become Environmental Heroes

Did you happen to catch our beloved Tangalooma EcoMarines on the TODAY Show this week? If not, now’s your chance to see how these passionate environmental warriors are saving the tree at a time!

Whirlpool Event

On the 5th of May, these passionate EcoMarines joined together to celebrate their efforts environmental efforts and leadership in conversation at the 2017 Whirlpool Event – hosted at Tangalooma Island Resort.

Across the day, primary school students from grades 3 to 6 highlighted their achievements in environmental leadership, and how they have inspired change in their schools and local communities to prevent pollution from waterways flowing into our beloved Moreton Bay.

Tangalooma EcoMarines General Manager Penny Limbach said the students were passionate about saving the marine environment and were so excited to share their efforts at 2017’s Whirlpool event.

“Together, we are the wave of change, and it’s time to celebrate their efforts,” Ms Limbach said.

“The kids have kicked a lot of goals this year to help stop water pollution and protect our local marine and wildlife,”

Ambassadors spent the day with the Tangalooma Island Resorts Eco Rangers, exploring Moreton Island, learning about the local marine life, undertaking dolphin data collection and hand feeding the wild dolphins that are part of the Tangalooma’s dolphin provisional feeding program.

“This is a great opportunity for the students to get close up and personal with the marine life they are working so hard to protect,” Ms Limbach said.

we are the wave of change, and it’s time to celebrate their efforts

“The experience will help them to understand the importance and impact of their efforts. We have a lot to thank these young students for – their energy, commitment and leadership is inspiring whole communities. It’s exciting to watch them in action!”

To learn more about how EcoMarines is tackling the wave of change, or to get involved, visit 

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