Whale Watch Season 2018

Wed, 23 May 2018

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma Whale Watching Starts June 1st 2018

Tangalooma Island Resort’s whale watching season is about to officially kick off on June 1st. Each year southern humpback whales migrate to Australia from Antarctica. As these gorgeous creatures make their way through our warm waters they feed, mate and play in the pristine waters of Moreton Bay.

With a whopping record-number of 33,000 Humpback whales projected to pass by Moreton Island this season, there’s more chances than ever to experience the thrill of seeing these creatures in the wild.

Since 1987, Tangalooma Island Resort has offered Brisbane's closest whale watching cruise

Humpback whale numbers have been steadily climbing by 10% year on year meaning more jaw dropping whale action on board the Tangalooma Jet than ever before.

“We expect to spot over 800 whales from our dedicated whale watching tours” said, Tangalooma Island Resort Eco Centre & Dolphin Care Manager, Sue Hassard.

Since 1987, Tangalooma Island Resort has offered Brisbane's closest whale watching cruise, complete with expert commentary by our Eco Rangers.

Tangalooma Whale Watching Crew

Want to catch a glimpse of an adorable newborn baby whale? It is predicted up to 3,000 calves could navigate home to southern waters during the season with the Tangalooma Whale Watch Cruise expect to see over 100 calves on our tours.

Humpback whales often display behaviours such as breaching, tail slapping, fin slapping, head lunging, and spy hopping. Last season our Eco Rangers noticed a mysterious and seldom-witnessed humpback whale behaviour known as a ‘tail extension’. This occurs when the whale extends its flukes above the water and, instead of forcefully slapping them upon the water’s surface, leaves them suspended there for a minute or more.

Not too keen on sailing the high seas? Only Tangalooma can offer you whale watching three ways – by boat, by land (4WD Bus tour to Cape Moreton), and by air (Helicopter Tours). Why not try them all for completely different perspectives that highlight the enormity of these majestic creatures.

Day trippers can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and have a ‘whale of a time’ with Whale Watch Cruises starting from just $129 per adult. Even better, book 14 days or more in advance and receive early bird price of only $89 per adult!

Tangalooma Whale Watching

Save 30% ticket prices by booking 14+ days in advance

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