Pelican Fishing Line Rescue

Thu, 24 Oct 2019

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Pelican beach rescue

With the increase in recreational fishing, more and more seabirds and other beautiful marine creatures are becoming entangled in fishing line, with hooks and line often getting stuck in and around their mouth and body. Here at Tangalooma Island Resort, the Eco Rangers are constantly keeping an eye on the health and wellbeing of the wildlife that lives around the Resort and in Moreton Bay.

Sadly there has been a noticeable increase in fishing hooks getting stuck to our large Australian Pelicans, who like to reside beside the Jetty at Tangalooma. The Eco Rangers suspect that the warmer weather conditions are starting to attract more fisherman and casual boaties to the Moreton Bay region on the weekends, which, when when fishing hooks and lines are not disposed of correctly, leads to a greater chance of sea birds and other marine creatures getting entangled.

This week we noticed one of our Pelicans, Mr Percival, had two fishing hooks embedded in his beak. The fishing line was wrapped around his beak, keeping it almost completely closed. This entanglement was not only causing great discomfort, but was preventing Mr Percival from catching his own fish. Luckily after being notified by other staff members at Tangalooma, the Eco Rangers were able to leap into action by keeping a close eye on him until they could safely intervene and perform a rescue.

With the rescue mission carefully planned, the Eco Rangers were able to save Mr Percival, and after a few attempts were able to catch this gorgeous pelican and carefully remove the fishing line and hooks wrapped around his beak. After the hooks and line were removed, Mr Percival was released, and happily waddled back down to his pelican friends. He then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon catching his own fish.

On this occasion Mr Percival was very lucky, but unfortunately there have been a number of other pelicans spotted lately that have not had a chance to be rescued. One of the visiting pelicans has been spotted with a fishing hook stuck in his wing, so if you do happen to spot any birds or wildlife needing assistance, please inform the team at the Eco Centre immediately to give the wildlife its best chance at survival.

To assist with preventing this type of injury to our beautiful wildlife, the staff at the Eco Centre have recently set up a fishing hook and line 'disposal station' on the Tangalooma Jetty, making it even easier for guests to dispose of broken fishing line and old hooks safely and easily. The Eco Rangers frequently check this bin and dispose of any lines and hooks correctly, in an attempt to save more of our wildlife suffering. 

To find out more about our Eco Rangers and how you can help protect the Bay and wildlife, drop past the Eco Centre on your next stay. Who knows, you might even get to meet one of the many bird visitors who frequent the Resort! 

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