Sugar Glider Rehabilitation

Thu, 24 Oct 2019

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Sugar Glider Rehabilitation

The Tangalooma Eco Centre has been a hive of activity recently with an abundance of different animals needing rescuing or rehabilitation. Over the past few weeks three sugar gliders have been found around the Resort that were clearly in need of help. Sugar Gliders are nocturnal animals and spend their nights gliding from tree to tree catching moths and other insects, along with eating different fruits and flowers. If you walk around the resort at night and carefully shine a torch up into the tree you might just spot one of these very cute animals.

The three recent Sugar Gliders that needed assistance were all found during the day and at the base of trees which is very unusual. The Eco Rangers suspect that due to an unusually warm winter season, low food sources for these poor animals to feed on has led to a decline in their health. This year in particular it has been noted that the Eucalyptus trees did not flower, leading to a large number of flying foxes and bats struggling to find adequate food. This could possibly also be affecting the poor health in Sugar Gliders.

Luckily the Eco Rangers were on hand, and managed to rehabilitate the Sugar Gliders by feeding them fresh fruit and electrolytes, which restored their energy before then releasing them back into the wild. The Sugar Gliders each took a few days to regain their energy making it extremely hard for the team not to become attached to these adorable creatures during their stay. Pictured here is one of the Sugar Gliders (briefly named Little Benny), who liked to crawl up onto the staff members' heads and then have a bit of a nap! Awwwww...

A plan is now being reviewed to install nesting boxes for the little Sugar Gliders around the Resort, offering the option of providing fruit to the wild gliders if more suitable food sources are unavailable. Unfortunately this is just one more effect potentially being caused by climate change which is affecting a number of our beautiful native trees and animals, but luckily for the Sugar Gliders, the Tangalooma Eco Rangers are here to help!

Sugar Glider Animal Rescue

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