The Baby Whales are Here!

Tue, 25 Aug 2020

By Eco Ranger Josh

see the gorgeous baby whales on a tangalooma whale watching cruise!

We are now more than halfway through the 2020 whale watch season at Tangalooma and the whale watch cruises are getting more exciting with the whales showing off not only their acrobatic skills but also, their young!

Each year, guests watch in amazement as thousands of humpbacks head north up the East Coast of Australia on their annual migration to give birth to their calves. The whales embrace the warmer waters and use the area as a whale calf kindergarten before they journey back down the coast on their way to Antarctica, where we get to spot them with their young calves on the Tangalooma Whale Watching Cruise. 

In the last few weeks, we have spotted numerous baby whales with many more set to travel through Moreton Bay for a rest as they play with mum. The whales have been very curious, coming up nice and close to the Tangalooma boats and giving guests a thrill as they pop up to say hello or launch themselves through the water, creating a massive splash! Be sure to check out our recent footage below!

The Tangalooma Whale Watching Cruise is the perfect place to see these incredible creatures and to learn more about their annual migration from the expert Eco Ranger onboard. Did you know that the gestation period for humpback whales is about  11-12 months and they usually have a calf every two to three years? Newborn calves vary between 3 -5m in length and can weigh up to a ton!

Be sure to book yourself a spot on the Whale Watching Cruise to learn all about these marvellous humpback whales.

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About the author

Eco Ranger Josh

Josh is one of the many Eco Rangers at Tangalooma Island Resort's Eco Centre. Josh often provides commentary on the Whale Watching Cruise as the on board Eco Ranger.

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