Some incredible footage captured today

Wed, 20 Sep 2017

By Eco Ranger James

Best whale watch I've seen!

Wow, was the word of the day! We couldn't even finish the safety briefing before we ran into our first pod of whales waiting on the sandbar in about 8 meters of water! Awesome to see these whales in shallow water as we can easily keep track of their movements and their dives are very short.

We were spoiled for choice and decided to see some more surface active whales around Cape Moreton.

The Tangalooma Jet was smooth and stable in the conditions and we were the only boat to be seen in all directions, that's when it all happened. A mountain of white water erupted beside the boat, we were surrounded with three of the most inquisitive whales that demonstrated the full potential of their breaches! For over 30 minutes we had 45 tonne, 15 meter long mammals jumping out of the water beside us!

At some stage we knew the magic had to end and we were absolutely blessed ! A pod of three started simultaneously inverted pec slapping, which gave the guests the feeling the whales were waving goodbye.

We saw a total of 11 Humpback Whales including 8 Adults, 2 Juveniles and 1 Calf. We also saw a 1.5 meter hammerhead shark!

It seems like every whale watch is getting better and better as the season progresses so their couldn't be a better day to book onto the Tangalooma Whale Watching Day Cruise

About the author

Eco Ranger James

Once part of the Tangatours team, James is now one of the Eco Rangers at Tangalooma Island Resort's Eco Centre. James often joins in on the Whale Watching Cruise as the on board Eco Ranger.

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