The whales seem to be checking us out on today's cruise

Sun, 27 Aug 2017

By Eco Ranger Tessa

Whales watching people!

One of the best whale watches of the season occurred today! The pristine weather conditions complimented the very curious whales in Moreton Bay Marine Park. The cruise began in the still waters, north of Moreton Island, where two curious adults repeatedly swam under and alongside the Tangalooma Jet! They caught us by surprise, as they kept spy hopping, only meters away from us. It was incredible to look into these majestic mammals eyes, as they checked us out. You literally could touch them, as they were an arms length from the Tangalooma Jet! The two curious adults soon joined another pod of 3 adults, where all 5 whales swam under the Tangalooma Jet, in a graceful manner. After all this curious activity, we continued the cruise towards Cape Moreton.

We soon discovered more curious pods of whales, as well as dolphins. Both species were swimming alongside eachother and enjoying each others company. Dolphins and whales are like cousins in the animal kingdom, as they are both a mammal and survive till approximately 50 years of age. 

It was an AMAZING whale watch today, and we cannot wait for more curious encounters with these gentle giants of the sea!

About the author

Eco Ranger Tessa

Tessa is one of the many Eco Rangers at Tangalooma Island Resort's Marine Education and Conservation Centre. Tessa often joins in on the Whale Watching Cruise as the on board Eco Ranger commentator.

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