Aspect Testimonial

Event Testimonial - Aspect

Conference - March, 2017

Why did Aspect select Tangalooma Island Resort for their conference?

Aspect identified the Island Resort as somewhere close to SE Queensland we could take the executive team without losing too much time related to traveling. The sense of destination was only heightened by the trip over on the catamaran. The Resort also offered a multitude of meeting / conferencing rooms and a variety of accommodation to cater for our needs.

How was the overall experience? Including comments on the team building activities and food experience?

The food was exemplary and staff were amazing, which when considered along with the island setting, helped the team bond in an environment they wouldn’t normally be exposed to. Removing them from their traditional roles and regions certainly helped lower perceived barriers and help create a constructive environment.

Did Tangalooma help you overcome any challenges in the organisation of your conference? If so, how?

We were presented with an extremely warm couple of days, all the more exacerbated by the fact the AC stopped working in the conference room we were using. They had maintenance staff there within 15 minutes and resolved the problem without any issues. Nothing seemed to be a problem. No other problems presented as they had staff members coordinating all of our requirements from the moment we booked in, to when we were back on the mainland. We were all made to feel special.

What were the “triumphs” or highlights from the conference?

The dolphin feeding was quite surreal. Exposing the team to this unique experience was something they all took away and was certainly the icing on the cake of an extraordinary couple of days of team building. I can’t thank the team at Tangalooma enough.

Catherine James
Aspect - Office Manager

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