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Day Trip - Pre Conference Activity Event

Why did Universal Cranes select Tangalooma Island Resort for their conference/event?

I had been there myself on my own boat and loved the place. It has great activities. And a magic place so close to Brisbane.

How was the overall experience? Including comments on the team building activities and food experience?

Every part of the day was very organised and low fuss. The ferry service were on time and very comfortable. The bar staff that were on duty that day at the resort were amazing. Very friendly and easy to deal with. The food was amazing, everyone has made comments to me that the food was magic. No one had a bad thing to say. There was so much.

Did Tangalooma help you overcome any challenges in the organisation of your conference? If so, how?

Yes, I was making changes of the people’s names right up to a couple of days before.

What were the “triumphs” or highlights from the conference?

The weather was a big part, A magic day. My personal highlight was the ATV experience with my wife and 2 girls. It was very well run. Nice guides and photographer. I have been on a lot of tours at other destinations and the Tangalooma ATV tour was one of the best! My girls did the parasailing and had a great experience as well. 

Craig Welch
Maintenance Manager & Compliance Coordinator - Universal Cranes

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